Dental Implants

At Alicia Almeida, DMD, PC, we do everything within our power to save your natural teeth because it is the best way to protect your smile. Not only do your natural teeth prevent unsightly gaps when you smile, but they also help to preserve the function and integrity of your smile as you age.

When you lose teeth, a series of chain-reaction events can occur. First, your remaining teeth, destabilized by your tooth loss, will tip toward the gap in your smile. This shifting can create an unstable or incorrect bite, which may cause jaw problems, tooth sensitivity, and discomfort when chewing. Secondly, you may begin to lose valuable jawbone structure, the very foundation of your smile.

Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Sometimes, however, tooth loss is unavoidable. If you have deep decay or an incurable infection, or if your tooth sustains irreparable trauma, removing your troubled tooth may be the best way to protect your health.

When this becomes necessary, Dr. Almeida often recommends a dental implant to replace your missing tooth because it can protect your health and appearance in much the same way as your natural tooth.

We work with highly skilled and experienced oral surgeons to place your dental implant in its ideal location. Because dental implants are made of biocompatible titanium, they will integrate with your bone over the course of several months as you heal. This helps retain valuable bone structure.

Single dental implants mimic your natural teeth in that they have an artificial root and crown, like your natural tooth. This makes them easy and convenient to care for – you brush and floss them like your natural teeth.

Custom Dental Implant Crowns

Your dental implant crown – the part that is visible when you smile – will be created just for you. The size, color, and shape of your dental implant will complement your smile so that it matches and blends naturally.

Drs. Almeida will adjust your crown to fit your bite comfortably. With proper care and good gum health, a dental implant can last many years without incident.

Dental Implants as Supportive Dentistry

The versatility of dental implants allows us to use a few strategically placed implants to support bridges and dentures if you have multiple missing teeth and want more stability.

We can even use dental implants to support full upper or lower dentures, giving you added confidence when you speak and eat.

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